Cris Cancer Fundation

The Cris Cancer Foundation will do a Charity Dinner in the Spain embassy in London, for this event Roberto Canduela donates a sculpture from Obosom series. This sculpture was made specifically for the Fundation. I hope the event will be successful and the attendees will donate a big amount, contributing to the Cancer investigation promoted by Cris Fundation. The sculpture belongs to the series Obosom, and is the last sculpture made for this series, named Obosom 7. Is possible to see a picture and a description in this web.

If you are interesting in do a contribution, clicking in the Cris cancer Foundation picture and you will go to Cris’s web site.

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  1. Estas son las obras que realmente hacen grandes a los artistas. Qué mejor fin para una obra de arte que participar en una gran causa.

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